Our Wines

Organic Wines from the Stein­mühle

We classify our wines using the system of the VDP, labeling them as Guts­wein (estate level), Orts­wein (village) and Lagen­wein (single site).


Our Lagen­weine represent the finest our estate has to offer. The vine­yards are lavished with attention, and only the finest grapes at their peak ripeness are harvested.

These wines have their own character, elegance and depth, with tremendous aging potential.


Our Ortsweine come from the best sites around Ost­hofen. Fully ripe, hand-harvested grapes are the basis for our complex, dense and elegant wines.


Our Gutsweine are the foundation of our program and our estate's calling card as well. Our work is based on meticulous attention and precision in the vineyard to create fresh, fruit-forward whites and sophisti­cated reds with attractive body and concen­tration.


Our Prädikats­weine are high quality sweet wines of very ripe and late harvested grapes.


This red wine cuvée is a tribute to the milling industry, part of our origin.


This wine stands for our winery’s long history and is a remembrance of Richard Wagner who visited his friend and my ancestor Wende­lin Weiss­heimer in the Stein­mühle in 1862.

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