Deeply Rooted

From an aristocrat's mill into an ambitious quality wine estate

As an estate with deep, long-standing roots, we at Weingut Stein­mühle refuse to view tradition and modernity as opposites, but rather have taken Benjamin Franklin's words as our guiding principle: "Tradition does not mean guarding the ashes, but fanning the embers."

Our family's wine­growing roots stretch back over 500 years. Since 1737, eleven generations of our family have worked this soil in Stein­mühle, each leaving its own traces. They converted the aristocrat's mill into an ambitious quality wine estate. Numerous documents and sketchings allow us to harness the wisdom of the past for the challenges of today.

The comprehensive history and diaries maintained by Johann Weißheimer II (1797–1883) provide valuable insight into the mill's early days back in 1275.

The literary and musical papers of Wendelin Weißheimer (1838–1910) further attest to his close friendships with personalities such as Richard Wagner, Franz Liszt, Hans von Bülow, Peter Cornelius and Ferdinand Lassalle. They played decisive roles in shaping the musical and political culture of Germany and Europe, and valued both our wines and the hospitality of our family.

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